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Treatment Plant

The Dunbar Wastewater Treatment Plant is an Activated Vertical Loop Reactor. It was designed to treat a dry weather flow of 2,230,000 gallons per day with a wet weather capacity of 5,600,000 gallons of flow per day. The plant operation begins as the wastewater enters the plant at a self-cleaning bar screen with compactor combined with a grit chamber with grit washer to remove trash. The wastewater will enter three vertical loop reactor tanks, nine disc aerators, and three supplemental blowers to begin the cleaning process. The two clarifiers act as the settling area for separation of the water from solids. The water on the top of the clarifiers travels to the chlorination tanks for disinfections, then to the de-chlorination tanks before it is discharged into the Kanawha River. The solids are transferred into a sludge thickener before the final process in the aerobic digester. The sludge from the digester is transferred to the belt press, a post line stabilization facility, where additional liquids are removed. Finally, the remaining solids are transported to the landfill for disposal.

The Wastewater Treatment has a complete back-up power generator system in case of a loss of power. The plant is monitored and tested with oversight by the State and Federal governments through the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and Water Pollution Control Permit regulations.

The proper operation and maintenance of the sewage plant facility must be performed and supervised by certified operators with the manager holding at least a Class III certificate issued by the State of West Virginia. The Dunbar Wastewater Treatment Plant is controlled by four operators and overseen by the General Manager.


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