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Welcome to the City of Dunbar!

The Dunbar Sanitary Board is a municipally owned and operated utility providing sanitary and storm water sewer services to the City of Dunbar, West Virginia State University, West Dunbar, and surrounding unincorporated areas. The facility serves a population of approximately 28,125 persons.

The Sanitary Board facilities are valued at over $40 million. This includes the Wastewater Treatment Plant and equipment. In addition, over 50 miles of sewer lines, 600 manholes, 13 lift stations, and 5 miles of forced main lines complete the system.

The Dunbar Sanitary Board and its staff of 15 employees are dedicated to providing customers with affordable, quality service. Furthermore, this web site is offered as a convenience to our present and future customers.

The original sewer system was constructed in the 1920’s to deal with the growing glass industry in the City of Dunbar. As the population and industry increased, the system grew and was constructed as a combined storm and wastewater system. In 1956, the direct discharges to the river began to be intercepted and transported to a primary treatment plant located at 2802 Charles Avenue. The plant was upgraded to a secondary facility in 1974. The decline of the plant and system beginning in 1985 resulted in numerous state and federal water violations. In 1990, the city began planning for corrective action.

Finally, in 1997, the plans of the Dunbar Sanitary Board started becoming a reality as the major project was released for construction. It should be noted that since 1998, the City of Dunbar Sanitary Board has had an exemplary record. This is the result of the extraordinary care and effort put forth by the Sanitary Board staff and employees.

Between 1999 and 2001, the plant was being completely renovated and the collector system was undergoing major modifications. The upgrade required the existing plant to be operated at optimum levels as systems were being taken off-line and new processes begun. Each day, changing from routine and simple tasks to new and challenging methods constantly tested the knowledge and skills of each operator.

Today, the Dunbar Wastewater Treatment Plant is a State-of-the-Art facility with quality employees. Their skills have been tested in various situations; they have proved themselves as the record of their achievements has become apparent over the past few years.