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Welcome to the City of Dunbar!

The City of Dunbar is located on land that was originally occupied by Native Americans with 11 mounds identified in the residential areas. The land was granted to George Washington for his military service and was named for Mary Dunbar after she inherited the land from Washington. Dunbar was a farming community until industries began to evolve in the City with the opening of glass and bottling plants in 1912. The Gravely Plow was invented in Dunbar in 1916.

Dunbar has several parks, including Wine Cellar Park, listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Three large restored stone walk-in wine cellars still stand, dating to pre-Civil War. They were used to store wine made on the premises from grapes grown in the vineyards there. The park has a 7 acre lake and picnic facilities. Dunbar City Park has a multi-purpose recreation building, playgrounds and picnic areas.

Dunbar is a small town, but with many of the amenities found in a larger city...and, we like it that way! In addition to our historic places, there are delicious foods, shopping, safe places to walk or run, and a nice variety of entertainment. You'll find small town friendliness and service as an added bonus to your stay. We invite you to stay with us each time you travel this way.